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Healthy GOO Dog Allergy Facts

Dog Allergy Facts


Dog allergies biting

Dog allergies watery eyes

Itchy Dog

  • 20-25% of Dogs suffer from Allergies

  • Allergies are caused by Fleas, Pollen, Dust Mites, Mold Spores and Food
  • Of the Dogs who suffer from Allergies
    • 5-10% are Allergic Food ingredients
    • 85% suffer from Allergies to Non-Food related Environmental Sources

  • Allergies can cause a range of symptoms in your Dog
    • Excessive Paw Licking, Biting and Chewing
    • Excessive Scratching
    • Excessive Shedding
    • Chronic Ear Infections
    • Runny nose
    • Watery Eyes
    • Hot Spots
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Behavior changes

More About Dog Allergies

Every day, your Dog is exposed to a limitless number of Environmental elements, which may or may not be harmful to their health. It is up to your pet's immune system to sort out the harmless from the harmful and to know when to pass on the harmless, and go into defense and protective action against what it deems as harmful. It is this ongoing struggle which demands that the health of your dog’s immune system be in tip-top shape.

The Acquired tier works in sequence with the innate tier and basically handles what gets past this first line of immune defense. The acquired tier has the ability to not only recognize, attack, and destroy harmful transgressors, but it also has the unique ability to remember. It is this memory characteristic, which allows your acquired tier to not only recognize and respond quickly to similar future attackers, but also to create and present the most effective method of their destruction (i.e. antibodies).

Unfortunately, sometimes the acquired tier gets mixed up in the identification of harmless from harmful and identifies harmless environmental elements as harmful. Upon exposure this triggers the classic recognize, attack and destroy immunological response. It is this misguided or out-of-balance immune system response, which often externally manifests in dogs in the form of allergies including constant itching, biting, scratching, hot spots, and infections of the skin and ears.

Recognizing and understanding the dynamics of the misguided immunological response, and wishing to address and correct this imbalance, Healthy GOO’s ™ Medical Director / Veterinary Dermatologist, Dr Kristin has carefully chosen a proprietary blend of 100% natural environmental extracts to be included in Doggy GOO ™. This blend of environmental extracts not only represent many of the common elements found in your dogs environment, but also represents the major environmental sources to which canine immune systems have been found to often inappropriately identify as harmful.

If we take a look at these offending environmental elements, we find, as you may have guessed, a list of usual suspects that we often see in humans. These offending environmental elements include pollens from grasses, weeds and trees, as well as house dust mites and mold spores. In fact, Veterinarian and Pet Insurance resources indicate that 85% of all canines who suffer from this misguided immune response are reacting to environmental allergy sources, contrary to the popular belief that food allergies are the culprit.

So you ask, why in the world would you want to expose my dog to the very things that cause him or her skin and ear misery? The answer to this question lies in the very nature and strength of the acquired immune system. In all dogs, the immune system constantly scavenges the environment for potential trouble makers. In an ideal situation, the immune system ignores, or tolerates, environmental elements. In dogs prone to allergies, the immune system targets these harmless elements, resulting in an all-out attack in an attempt to eliminate them. The acquired immune system is very smart and remembers how it was instructed to respond to these environmental challengers in the future.

Did you know? That the skin is the primary route of entrance for environmental elements that can trigger allergies in dogs? When these same elements are introduced via other routes, such as the mouth or under the skin, those allergic reactions can be reduced which is the principle behind Doggy GOO ™.

It is this very immunological memory strength, together with the adaptive powers of the acquired immune system, which Doggy GOO ™ brings to bare on the problem. By virtue of the inclusion of these proprietary or troublemaking environmental extracts, Doggy GOO ™ exposes your dog's immune system to minute traces of these offending elements. Very slowly over time, Doggy GOO ™ actually leverages the natural adaptive capability of your dog's acquired immune system, such that the acquired immune system’s misguided response is recalibrated or desensitized to no longer see harmless environmental elements as harmful. Through this small, but daily repeated exposure to these environmental elements, a naturally induced, broad-based level of immune system tolerance is, over time supported, allowing the natural, adaptive nature of your pet’s immune to turn your dog's environment from unfriendly to friendly!

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