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Healthy GOO Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common Questions about Healthy GOO ™.

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Healthy GOO ™ Questions

Who is Healthy GOO ™?
What's with the "GOO" in Healthy GOO ™?
Why is a Medical Director / Veterinary Dermatologist important to Healthy GOO ™ / Doggy GOO ™?
What is a Veterinary Dermatologist?
Why just Doggy GOO ™?
Where can I purchase Doggy GOO ™?

When your Dog's Immune System is Out-of-Balance

What are typical Sources of Allergy in Dogs?
Are some Breeds more susceptible to Atopic Dermatitis / Allergy than others?
When do Allergy Symptoms appear?
Does geographical location influence allergy?
What are the most common signs (symptoms) that my dog has allergies?
What are some common types of allergies?
At what age could my dog begin to develop allergies?

Doggy GOO ™ Feeding Questions & Suggestions

Is Doggy GOO ™ a Treat?
Can Doggy GOO ™ be mixed with other foods or treats?
Why is so important that Doggy GOO ™ be thinly spread onto the bottom of a clean bowl?
When I initially begin giving my dog his / her Doggy GOO ™, do you have any suggestions?
How soon can I expect to see improvement in my Dog?
My Dog is beginning to show improvement from his / her “stressed” health status, how soon do I move to a “well” amount?
When Doggy GOO ™ says that it builds natural immune system tolerance to everyday environmental health aggressors, what does this mean?
What precautions do you suggest regarding Doggy GOO's Peanut Butter ingredient?
What if my pet just cannot get enough of Doggy GOO ™? Can I give him / her more than the suggested daily amount?
What Daily GOO Amount / Frequency > Do I START with ?
How do I know if my Dog will Like Doggy GOO?

Doggy GOO ™ Product Questions

What is Doggy GOO ™?
Which tiers of my dog's immune system are targeted / supported / balanced with Doggy GOO ™?
Is Doggy GOO ™ Drug FREE ?
What is a Healthy GOO Glow ™?
What does Power to Defend ™ mean?
Are you a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)?
Can Doggy GOO ™ draw from the results of any clinical studies?
Why “Simultaneously” support / balance the Innate, Acquired and Gut Tiers of my dog's immune system? Isn't it the same to address / treat just one or two individually vs. all at once?
Some Breeds are genetically predisposed to immune system imbalance i.e. allergies. Can I do anything to lessen the odds of allergy in a litter?
I want my pup's immune system to be at peak performance as soon as possible. How soon can I begin Doggy GOO ™ with my new pup?
Will Feeding Novel FOOD Proteins Help my DOGs Itchy Allergies ?
Does Doggy GOO have a Guarantee / Return Policy ?

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